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We’ve been pretty quiet lately.

The last couple months have been surreal for us. Matt had become such a huge part in all of our lives. Three years ago, he answered a random Craigslist ad from some guys that were looking for a drummer for their new band. We had no idea back then how great of a friend he would be and how much he would eventually mean to all of us.

Matt had only been playing for a couple years at that point, but he always put his whole heart in it. He gave everything he had every single time we got together. When we were working on a new song, he’d play it over and over for hours at night until he had it perfect. When he sliced his hand open while working on a roof, he taped a drumstick to his hand, against doctor’s orders, so that we didn’t have to cancel a show.

He gave everything he had to this band, and now we’re here, without him, and it’s the most gut-wrenching feeling.

As difficult of a conversation as it was to have, we realized that we needed ... See more

1 year ago

These are some of the hardest words we’ve ever had to write.

Our friend and drummer, Matt Beaney, passed away unexpectedly earlier this week. We can’t imagine the pain his family is facing right now, and while no words can ease that hurt, our hearts really do go out to them in this difficult time.

He’s been a huge presence in all of our lives these past few years, and we’re honored that we were able to be a part of his journey. We just wish it could have been longer.

Matt, we miss you.

The visitation and funeral service will be this upcoming week. Please let us know if you need more detail on times and location.

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Let’s face it. Everyone, their cousin, and that one weird guy from high school play in a band these days, and they all want you to check out their horribly recorded demo. Even if you haven’t heard from them in years, they’ll make sure you know what time doors open at their next show. But you’ve learned your lesson, haven’t you? Another night on the couch binge-watching Arrested Development (again!) beats a few hours at some dive bar listening to a series of increasingly sloppy local bands every time.

Here’s the thing: Heartsickband is different. Their latest single kicks, and the new album drops February 1st. They’re hosting a party that night at The Loft to celebrate, so hit us up for tickets.

And if you fall into the “everyone, their cousin, and that one weird guy from high school” category, drop a link in the comments. We’ll check it out, we swear.

Our new song, 'Loveletter' from our upcoming album, 'Sleep Cycles' out February 1st, 2019 -------------------------------------------------------------------...

1 year ago

Who’s coming to the Heartsickband cd release show? Who needs a ticket? We need to help sell this show out. So buy a ticket or two and come hang out.

The Loft : February 1st

1 year ago

Von Kaiser slaying their first show. Who are you out supporting tonight? The Loft

1 year ago

Our friends in Heartsick U.S. released an incredible new single that you should check out now.

1 year ago
The Amber Tide - There Are Days / Prod by Craig Owens (Chiodos) - New Music - alternative rock

Huge thanks to Q106 WJXQ and The Mighty Mighty Spandaniel for playing our single “There are Days...” last night. Check it out here if you haven’t heard it yet.

"There Are Days When The Birds Don't Sing" Song: Produced by Craig Owens (BadXChannels / Chiodos) Engineered & Mixed by Jordan DiSorbo (Glasslands) at Glass ...

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